Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Journey to finding the perfect organic foundation: People of color

Its been a year and some months since I began wearing makeup other than lipgloss. It has been just that long since I had the perfect foundation. So I am deciding to start a journey of the perfect natural/organic foundation.

For those yellow, dark beige, and brown skinned, it is very hard to find the perfect foundation. Many factors may come into play. First, you may ask yourself, "where to find safe makeup made for people of color?" Then you sub categorize to an inexpensive choice, not wanting to break your pockets, unusually over the web where you still aren't sure of the product. And of course you don't want to purchase outside of your country wear many thoughts might come to mind: poisons, no guarantees, and non secure payment methods. AND OF COURSE, the main factor is finding your correct shade. Then when match the one of the limited choices, the foundation may not have the best coverage or will end up leaving your skin looking ashy.

Well do not be discouraged! There are many places carrying safe foundation in shades for women of color, and some of these places are solely focused on people of that nature.

On my journey I will discuss what I have found, whether or not I'll buy, and if the product has worked for me or others.

My checklist will include the following:
  • For women of color
  • Expensive or inexpensive
  • Local or guaranteed 
  • Coverage type
  • Ashy finish
  • Match complexion/shade perfectly

For starters:

I will say that b.l.a.c minerals are located in brooklyn and have various shades for women of color. the;r samples are $2 with free shipping. I have not yet found my perfect shade though. Instead of ordering another sample I may try mixing the foundations together in order to find that which compliments me. THEY ARENT CURRENTLY TAKING ORDERS

I have matched my my skin with Coastal Scents Liquid HD Foundation with st-09 but it doesn't give me that full coverage and left me ashy(i used part of a sample). This could be because it isn't my shade. When I coat it with my sheer cover mineral powder foundation that i made from the kit I looks way better. I have reorder the st-09 as well as two sample packet of sf-11. The sample packets are $0.49 and the lowest shipping for me is first class at approximately $1.40

Sheer Cover seemed to work after mixing my shade together from the kit. It didn't. however work as well as you see in the infomercials. Also, the foundation doesn't last long enough for me, I end up having to reapply throughout the day. The kits for a month is $29.99, but you can find the products on ebay and other sites. I know this because i sold the rest of my kit online.

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