Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quercetin & Oak Anti-aging Eye Primer by Korres REVIEW, Thanks BeautyStat

When I opened my package a few weeks ago from BeautyStat, I was ecstatic. What a wonderful gift that was bestowed upon me, an all natural cosmetic by the notorious Korres, a brand I had learned about from frequent sephora visits. I had received the Quercetin & Oak Anti-aging Eye Primer.

The Great, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly:

I tried the primer for two weeks and I wore it about every night & day. For the product's trial size of .06 Fl. OZ (2mL), I believed it was a great amount. I say It should last anyone else about 2+ weeks. DO NOT keep eye products for too long to avoid infection & etc.

Because of its applicator, it is fairly easy to apply. I experienced problems with application due the following: no enough of the product was on the applicator to swipe once. I had to keep dipping to apply to the lids (upper and lower).

Once on, it felt great. I love the smooth texture. It was not watery or to thick. After the spread, I either applied my eye shadow &/or liner after  OR  rubbed it in (I couldn't leave it as is for it was lighter than my skin) for solely the anti-aging purposes. 


With Eye Shadow When applying eyeshadow, the colors just glide right on, due to Korres' Quercetin & Oak Anti-aging Eye Primer.  The primer made my shadow colors a little more vibrant, not to extreme tho.  It, also, held my loose shadows greatly in place. Sometimes my shadow would last a full days worth and sometimes the shadows got a little faint. Problems could be due to body temperature, the temperature around me, or the eyeshadow that was used on a specific day.

Solely Primer While wearing the primer, it was as if it was just regular creme or lotion, and i treated it as such. I went through out my day without re-applying, until the next time my face was washed (thats if i didn't forget at night). At first I didn't see a difference, within the two weeks it was only a small change in complexion underneath my eyes, but it worked. Pictures don't tell lies. 



Sorry about the lighting, it was in too diferent room and two different times. but you can see the skin complexion underneath the eyes from before is different and after underneath is of the same complexion. 
No foundation was added in any pic. 
There was no type of photo manipulation, as well. 
This is me in the photographs.

I would recommend this to all my readers, readers of readers, and see-ers of readers!!! LOL

I will also purchase this in the near future.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank Ron and BeautyStat for the primer and for making this possible, as well as relieving me of my dry streak.

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