Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maybelline Fit me™ Foundation & Powder #1

Among my purchases of last week, lay my Fit me by Maybelline, which I am very please with.

After seeing that Maybelline had a new while on Walmart.com and being redirected to watching the lovely introduction to the merchandise & tutorials of how to use, I knew i had to get it. The Fit me makeup collection consist of liquid foundation, pressed powder, liquid concealer, blush, and bronzer. On site, I searched for the foundation i thought would be my color, there were many to choose from. In one of the intro videos, i was told that there would be an in-store color guide that you can put on top of your skin.

Where I found it, Where to buy:
After searching long and hard in brooklyn for a store that sold the inexpensive Fit me goods, I went into a target. Most products were gone and there was no color code for the for the medium-dark complexions. I decided to get 315 liquid and 350 powder, based on observation. I got home and there were no items in my bag.   The next day I went to Soho (which brings me to another foundation story that i will reveal later) and saw a Rite Aid. Still there wasn't much product on the shelf & no color guides at all, this made me believe everyone was after the product. I purchased the liquid in 320, honey beige, and the powder in 355.
BUY GUIDE: Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Ulta, Sears, Harmon, drugstore, and Walmart

How I Applied:
I applied the liquid foundation in 320 by adding dots of the products all over my face (& neck) and then in, circular motions, dispersed the foundation. I learned this trick when i sold Mary Kay. I did two coats for better coverage.

Next opened the powder, which contained two compartments. I grabbed the soft applicator from the lower compartment, which included a mirror, then pulled down the mirror to reveal the powder in 355. I used the applicator to dust the compacted powder on to my face. A lil went a long way!

I then let it sit a few minutes and blotted with tissue.

The products were light on my face, as I was told it would be. They went on smoothly and really did complement each other.
The liquid foundation seemed a lil too light, i am unsure if this was my complexion color. Next time I will try the liquid foundation in 350, caramel. It gave me a nice shine. if i could have only worn the foundation, it would be nice.
The glow-like look, which i like, was diminished after the application of the matte powder. The color was a hint too dark for me, next time i will get 320, honey beige, or 350, caramel.

Price: very inexpensive. I bought them each for about $7.30. It will remain in that price range
SKin Match: Because of the powder the overall look was darker than my complexion.
Coverage: Though having an adequate coverage, next time i will use the concealer to hide my dark spots some more. The powder did, however, cover the creases that the foundation neglected to cover effectively. After a while, a natural shine came.

Finish: When i first used the foundation i wore my coastal scents primer. Bad Move! the extra titanium dioxide from the primer gave me an ashy finish. Without primer, it looked natural, as if this were my skin color
Made: in the US by Maybelline New York

* all photos are unedited, raw, and haven't been tampered with!

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