Sunday, May 1, 2011

Help for Fashion 911s

Just as a mother needs to carry wipes or tissue in her purse for an inevitable emergency, or 911 moment, us fashionistas need to keep certain products handy.  

Lets explore the mishaps and products you should carry in order to mend them.
While on your daily walk it starts to rain. Usually your wide bottom pants is just the right height but because of the rain, it drags under her heels and consequently begins to tear. What to do?
  • One should carry products like Hem Gems to fashionably pin up your pants. 
  • For the dry situations keep some masking tape handy to tape up jeans or other bottoms that may need to be quickly hemmed. 

Your favorite designer jeams happen to be extremely low riders that constantly show your crack? Try...

  • lowering a spandex strapless bra or shirt, or Jaks (shown) by Miss Oops.
  • use a sweater or scarf and wrap it around waist, but keep it cute! ;)

Well on a powder break you notice that throughout the day your foundation has made a half ring around you new lavender turtle neck. You do not want to seem like you took you new shirt out of the hamper So you...
  • grab your ever-so-convenient Rescue Sponge by Miss Oops.
  • use a Nuetrogena makeup remover wipe (shown) that was tucked in your purse.
  • try using an instant stain remover.

You remember you left your wool skirt in the dryer that you want to wear for your interview this morning. While taking it out of the machine you notice lint balls and other raggedy looking things on  the skirt. How can this be fixed? 
  • Use your pumas stone (shown), that you use for your feet, and gently rub off the kinks with the grain of fabric.
  • if you have a lighter fabric item, use a lint roller or lint pads.
Have a bra-less outfit emergency? 
>Cold weather can can turn your apples into pears,
  • try using nipple covers (shown), or tape over the nipple.
>Your Outfit has your full back out but worried of sagging breast?
  • make sure you keep handy bring it up breast lift tape, or just use regular clear tape to creatively make a way
>Upset your low-cut dress may end up showing too much side boob?
  • invest in special occasion tape or double sided tape. you may even want to try safety pins to close in the gap more.
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