Sunday, February 27, 2011

Natural & Organic (& safe): Trends, Shops, & Name Drops

I know I wasn't the only one who was excited about domino-like effect of the natural and organic products being added to the retail stores.  I first noticed this occurrence while looking in the cosmetic section (of course) of Target many months back. I was excited and picked up some Dr. Bronner's soaps.  I said to myself 'All stored should have a section for safe, organic and natural products. Some months later I visited Newport News, VA.  And of course, a vacation has to include many days of shopping and picking things up here and there. So I went to the Rite Aid down the block for some cosmetics (body wash, makeup, and hair products). There I found a section solely for organic makeup. I slowly began to see these "sections" and many retail stores. For example, Walgreens, and CVS, . Websites such as, Soap, Drugstore, and Fresh Direct has also added these sections.

But lets not forget about the sites that have been there for many years (more or less), without many of us knowing about. Sites that started with almost no clientele, yet have products of great and safe quality. Products that claimed fame through word of mouth. Here a few sites that I have personally tried items from and have done or will be doing reviews. B.l.a.c Minerals, Eco Lips, Dr. Bronners, bareMinerals, Coastal Scents, Giovanni Eco Chic Cosmetics, LUSH, and Honeybee Gardens. Also, lets not forget the African wholesale or cosmetics shops that are set up on almost all main streets (lol).

I have been part of a campaign towards safe cosmetics. Though I did not call up politicians, I did send letters. I signed up for many newsletters and websites toward the effort. And when I see these natural and organic sections in these types of store I know that others want to become safe and healthy as well. There must be a great amount of demand and I am happy.

But lets not be fooled by the words organic and natural.  Some cosmetic companies try to use these words on their products to lure you in. They are allowed to do so because there is not yet a government regulation on cosmetic advertising. Some companies do follow USDA regulations so their products can be considered organic. Visit ORGANIC CONSUMERS to see for yourself. So if you're unsure of the ingredients and what the store, site, or company consider to be natural or organic, try looking up the ingredients at sites such as SKIN DEEP COSMETIC SAFETY DATABASE.

Be safe, join campaigns, and stay beautiful

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