Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trendy Shoes under $100 (Fall 2011 & Winter 2012)

Now and through fall we will see many boots, booties/wedges, and platforms.  This shoes would either have a chunky heel, some animal-like fabric, or be for multi-conditions (an example, is a nike shoe boot with a heel).

Here are some great finds under $100:

ASOS PARTY ON Peep Toe Perpex Heel, $47.57

Here we see a thick, platform, open-toe heel. The color will help brighten up your wardrobe.
ASOS TURBO platform zipper ankle boot (also in black) $80.50  

When i first saw this shoe I thought I had to have it. I love the heel and total form! Very Unique  #SimplyAmazing!

  Crocband (TM) Jaunt Animal Wave, $54.99

This mint green rain boot is more than likely very comfortable and wont leave your feel, or socks, feeling nasty.


Envy Footwear Holster, $89 @ Piperlime

Now a days many shoes have straps or buckels. I like this shoe because this holster strap changes the whole dynamic of the shoes. It seems very classy and can be worn anywhere. AND I love the black suede.

Klowie by Sabine, $99 @ Piperlime

Not only do I love the the hush puppy-look, but I love the all together look of this shoe. I love the chunky heel, the grey color, the shape, and the laces in front. I hope i get a discount the because it is just about $100 dollars. Though, it seems sturdy and worth it.

Michael Antonio, Anderson, $59 at (other full colors available)

Here is a leopard print wedge that is sleek and pro fall.
Try pairing it with a nice peek coat while on your fall stroll.

Miss Me vex Platform Pump, $34.95 @ DSW

Another Animal print for you guys. Though thin heels aren't for me, zebra print would be great to add to the collection. Plus, its very affordable. It can go with a nice purple (my favorite color) dress with black and/or white accessories.

Newhouse Pumps, $79 @ Ninewest

I really adore this shoe!!! I reminds me of elementary school days, but with more of a lady-like look. I love how the auburn leather goes with the color of the heel. I can see myself wearing this with a skirt in the fall or a dress in the winter.

Steve Madden "Tanngoo," $79.99 @ Nordstrom

I love this boot wedge. Very smooth and well put together. It seems to go with everything, especially some skinny jeans.

Scout Sherpa Trim Boot by American Eagle, $49.95 @ Payless

This winter boot is very stlish and afordable. I love the fur trum and look of this boot. This shoes seems casual.

Zodiac American Original Women Axel, $30 @ Famous Footwear

I just love my clogs and they look well in all the seasons. The brown backless show will be great to slip on with any on-the-go or hanging-out fall attire.

Though I didnt show much color in this post there are many shoes in style that have color. Here are some fall/winter colors and patters:

Annuane Blog
Studio 55 Blog
Slo Tweed Ride Blog
iz andrew blog

Each show site has other shoes in style that are worth the look!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Poncho Payow!!!

Ladies have you brought your ponchos yet?

This fall we are going to be seeing many styles of clothing. Jacket styles are no exception. 

Originating in South America, the poncho, or shawl, made its way in the US, of course with some personal touches and alterations. And, yes we seen many of them this summer, like this featured Forever 21 shirt. I too enjoyed wearing them, as did Indiyah who wore a wonderful  different poncho shirt almost every day.
Forever 21 $9.99

Now, It is soon to be very trendy for fall outerwear. 

There is much affordable poncho outerwear and many ways to wear them.

H & M
I really like H&m 's loose, right red, jacket (another color is available). Its a little on the medium-long side and it'll be great for this cooler weather. Plus, this lovely bright color brings a smile to my face, as I know it would to anyone else.

jacket 69.95

Banana Republic: 
while in the 5th avenue banana republic store i noticed a trench like, a little lower than waist length, button-up, poncho. i was beautiful. i especially loved the neck assembly, where it was two buttons that can, or not, be assembled by matching fabric.


Victoria's Secret
Vicky is calling their spin on the poncho a cape. They have it in a few colors. I love the animal print inside. This jacket seems pretty fun. Maybe they call it a cape, because you can easily throw it over your should like one, considering there isn't any sleeve holes.
Faux Fur-trim cape $158

Michael Kors
The Kors collection have many ponchos to choose from. The one I believed to be interesting is the turtle neck poncho. Many people laugh when they see people in turtle necks, but I've always liked them. Why not? I think the Kors poncho seem really elegant and it can be used as a dress or sweater. You can really bring your personal style to it, no matter what, by adding accessories.
Turtleneck Poncho, cream $124

Alexander Wang
Wang is not stranger to statement making. And, her new poncho is a great head turner. Though a bit pricey, I believe it will keep you warm and dry. It sort of reminds me of a flight jacket by the material used on the inside and out.
Taffeta Poncho $895 (@ Nordstrom)

American Eagle Outfitters
I adore AE's sweater poncho with buttons. I love the fact that you are able to unbutton the poncho however you'd like and even wear it as a shawl, sleeveless. It comes in a gray and red, as well.
Cable poncho $69.50

Free People
Last, but definitely not least, Free people seemed to also bring the heritage of the poncho with their bohemian design. I love the color and the retro style. 
On The Fringe Poncho $49.95

I'm sure there are many other lowered priced ponchos out their but these are the "affordable" ones i seemed to think interesting.

There are also many stores that do not have their ponchos and new jackets on line. Try going out to the mall or a store and you can see for yourself. There are also discount stores, department stores, and boutiques, with great ponchos and other clothing, for that matter.

Thank you. Please Comment & Subscribe.

This post is dedicated to Carla who is stuck in Binghamton. I miss you, Carlita.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fall Forth with Sustainable Fashion (MEN)

Hey, fellas!!

I know you guys are noticing the ladies shopping wild for the back to school/autumn clothing and not to mention that almost everything is on sale!


I wanted to do something special for the guys and let them know of great sustainable fashionable wear.

FIRST let me start off by saying sustainable fashion, or eco fashion, is said to help make a greener planet and sustainable living. Ways to make an impact in fashion include the following: using recycled fabric or products (seat belts) to create clothing and or accessories, using organic items (cotton) to create items, using items that can easily decompose, and manufacturing products safely.

Now for items and how they fall into the upcoming autumn trends.

WeWood watches are great, eco-friendly, 100% natural watches are very stylish. The fall is all about texture and great organic colors. And just like that a tree in the fall, brown, orange, and yellow, these watches range in great colors. (prices are about $119)

For the casual male try clothing from Fair Tribe where you can find this hip baseball styled shirt with a great message (IDEO Organic Cotton Life Is Short). Fair Tribe takes pride in their ethical and fun designs.

For the male that loves to work, play, and feel green, there is NAU. Their words exactly "For us, sustainable fashion means timeless colors, smart design, eco-friendly materials and simple care. For you, it means style you'll want to wear more than just one season." And they are just that. They carry a wide range of products, but two coats I really had my eye on for the warm and cool weather at are as follows: 

Why not cover those cool hands while you are on the cold train or when the weather starts getting cold with a couple of Fair Indigo gloves. They allow you to conserve heat while still being able to scroll on your smart device.

And what better item to go with outerwear than a great bag. At Simple there are two great man bags for school or work that carries your item without having to carry the weight of negatively impacting the earth. The asymmetry of this unique bag is definitely a head turner.

Why stop there? Lets get some foot wear. There are many places that carry sustainable footwear but i decided to let you know about TOMS. I truly love this company because they really know the meaning of social responsibility. They give back to the under privileged in addition to creating a sustainable environment. While caring shoes for every occasion in many colors in styles, they carry some great leather (fall trend fabric) styles shoes and some great fall boots. -->

Now you have a great selection of items to mix and match with on each of the sites mentioned. Let me know what you think. If you have found a great outfit, send pictures if the items or links. Thank you.

&& the links that i added

Friday, August 19, 2011

Beauty: quotes and analysis (WHat is BEauty)

Here are some saying many of us are used to hearing:

"beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

"beauty is pain"

"beauty is skin deep"

"beauty comes in all shapes and sizes"

In my opinion, beauty IS in the eye and mind of the beholder.  One sees beauty based on their beliefs and thought process. For example, many blame the media for creating a biased mindset within people. For years they have shown people with tiny long bodies, fair skin, and portrayed beauty to only be what the eye can see. In return those getting sucked in these images began to develop self-hate, thinking they weren't "beautiful" enough; people became materialistic, believing that people would only think highly of you if you dressed and looked a certain way; and many developed the wrong idea towards the concept of beauty.

But it is the person who need to believe that everything is beauty, whether or not others believe so.  A person must remain confident no matter what and ignore stairs, remarks, and rejections if/when others see something out of the ordinary. Many others only respond negative to change. This is mostly because they are intimidated because they aren't as comfortable as you are in your own skin OR they just have other personal issues and wish to bring others into their misery.

Going back to the other quotes.

"Beauty is pain," but it doesn't need to be.  The pain comes from hiding you natural qualities and trying to fit into other images of you. Even if you like to switch up your hair,  dress up your face, or style your body, you shouldn't have to endure pain to achieve your goals. You can get your hair done in several painless ways. Forget the chemicals and damaging actions of some hair stylist, try a wig or wet your hair into a style.  Do not get facial surgery, but instead try natural makeup to highlight and contour your face to make the features you would like to have. (BODY->) Skip the strenuous gym visits, body surgery, and trying to fit in to tight clothing.  Try eating healthy, excersing regularly, and wearing clothing that best fit your body type. But in any event, try the natural untouched you.

"Beauty is skin deep," in your mind and everywhere. Try analyzing and loving yourself. Then and only then, will others be able to love you. Love as a child would, as Jesus would say. A child will love endlessly. A child seeks and doesn't discriminate. A child has an open mind and isn't self-hating.

"Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes." Beauty is found in every and anyone. Beauty is also in nature. People of the arts will know this best. As a painter would paint any scenery, either in their mind or of the world, and find true beauty that the painter can keep forever.

Thank you and keep beautiful and love yourself.

This post is dedicated to Rome who has helped me to realize what is true beauty.