Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fall Forth with Sustainable Fashion (MEN)

Hey, fellas!!

I know you guys are noticing the ladies shopping wild for the back to school/autumn clothing and not to mention that almost everything is on sale!


I wanted to do something special for the guys and let them know of great sustainable fashionable wear.

FIRST let me start off by saying sustainable fashion, or eco fashion, is said to help make a greener planet and sustainable living. Ways to make an impact in fashion include the following: using recycled fabric or products (seat belts) to create clothing and or accessories, using organic items (cotton) to create items, using items that can easily decompose, and manufacturing products safely.

Now for items and how they fall into the upcoming autumn trends.

WeWood watches are great, eco-friendly, 100% natural watches are very stylish. The fall is all about texture and great organic colors. And just like that a tree in the fall, brown, orange, and yellow, these watches range in great colors. (prices are about $119)

For the casual male try clothing from Fair Tribe where you can find this hip baseball styled shirt with a great message (IDEO Organic Cotton Life Is Short). Fair Tribe takes pride in their ethical and fun designs.

For the male that loves to work, play, and feel green, there is NAU. Their words exactly "For us, sustainable fashion means timeless colors, smart design, eco-friendly materials and simple care. For you, it means style you'll want to wear more than just one season." And they are just that. They carry a wide range of products, but two coats I really had my eye on for the warm and cool weather at nau.com are as follows: 

Why not cover those cool hands while you are on the cold train or when the weather starts getting cold with a couple of Fair Indigo gloves. They allow you to conserve heat while still being able to scroll on your smart device.

And what better item to go with outerwear than a great bag. At Simple there are two great man bags for school or work that carries your item without having to carry the weight of negatively impacting the earth. The asymmetry of this unique bag is definitely a head turner.

Why stop there? Lets get some foot wear. There are many places that carry sustainable footwear but i decided to let you know about TOMS. I truly love this company because they really know the meaning of social responsibility. They give back to the under privileged in addition to creating a sustainable environment. While caring shoes for every occasion in many colors in styles, they carry some great leather (fall trend fabric) styles shoes and some great fall boots. -->

Now you have a great selection of items to mix and match with on each of the sites mentioned. Let me know what you think. If you have found a great outfit, send pictures if the items or links. Thank you.

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