Friday, August 19, 2011

Beauty: quotes and analysis (WHat is BEauty)

Here are some saying many of us are used to hearing:

"beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

"beauty is pain"

"beauty is skin deep"

"beauty comes in all shapes and sizes"

In my opinion, beauty IS in the eye and mind of the beholder.  One sees beauty based on their beliefs and thought process. For example, many blame the media for creating a biased mindset within people. For years they have shown people with tiny long bodies, fair skin, and portrayed beauty to only be what the eye can see. In return those getting sucked in these images began to develop self-hate, thinking they weren't "beautiful" enough; people became materialistic, believing that people would only think highly of you if you dressed and looked a certain way; and many developed the wrong idea towards the concept of beauty.

But it is the person who need to believe that everything is beauty, whether or not others believe so.  A person must remain confident no matter what and ignore stairs, remarks, and rejections if/when others see something out of the ordinary. Many others only respond negative to change. This is mostly because they are intimidated because they aren't as comfortable as you are in your own skin OR they just have other personal issues and wish to bring others into their misery.

Going back to the other quotes.

"Beauty is pain," but it doesn't need to be.  The pain comes from hiding you natural qualities and trying to fit into other images of you. Even if you like to switch up your hair,  dress up your face, or style your body, you shouldn't have to endure pain to achieve your goals. You can get your hair done in several painless ways. Forget the chemicals and damaging actions of some hair stylist, try a wig or wet your hair into a style.  Do not get facial surgery, but instead try natural makeup to highlight and contour your face to make the features you would like to have. (BODY->) Skip the strenuous gym visits, body surgery, and trying to fit in to tight clothing.  Try eating healthy, excersing regularly, and wearing clothing that best fit your body type. But in any event, try the natural untouched you.

"Beauty is skin deep," in your mind and everywhere. Try analyzing and loving yourself. Then and only then, will others be able to love you. Love as a child would, as Jesus would say. A child will love endlessly. A child seeks and doesn't discriminate. A child has an open mind and isn't self-hating.

"Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes." Beauty is found in every and anyone. Beauty is also in nature. People of the arts will know this best. As a painter would paint any scenery, either in their mind or of the world, and find true beauty that the painter can keep forever.

Thank you and keep beautiful and love yourself.

This post is dedicated to Rome who has helped me to realize what is true beauty.

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