Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And My Cherry Explodes...

Kinky title? Maybe. But this is my first blog, besides myspace long ago (lol), and my first post. Hence the phrase, popped cherry. 

                                             ABOUT MOI:
I am currently a model who is taking a semester off from school. For years, my life has been evolving around beauty, fashion, and entertainment. 

Born spoiled, I used my silver spoon to scoop up most designer brands. The words want was no enemy of mine. And usually, what I liked I wanted and what I wanted I received! Therefore i became fashionable with almost all the newest item. As i got older of course I had to learn the value of a dollar :/. So I began to work whenever i felt for it. And the money I got, I usually splurge on cloths and shoes. 

Getting even older and beginning to live on my own in my first college year, I became a product junkie and I became obsessed with cosmetics. I decided to work for mary kay, but when certain products didn't work for me I figured I needed better facial products. I searched the web and decided it was time for me to go natural. My hair has been natural for a year now and most of my cosmetics are as well. My Youtube videos can be found Here

Though having done a beauty pageant and having done plays as a youth, I began really modeling with a simple shoot in 2010. I am still working on modeling as a career. I look forward to began print modeling, commercial features, promotional modeling, and even acting. Having a petit frame sometimes I do feel limited. Here are a few of my modeling sites Amoni B & Amoni MM

                                     WELCOME TO MY BLOG

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