Thursday, February 24, 2011


Lately I have truly discovered the affects of WATER.  Of course, we all know that water is good for the us, considering it takes up about 70% of the human body mass. But for the past yea or so I have fell off from drinking water daily.  

On my never ending search for cleansers and blemish treatments, I kept wondering what was going wrong. Neglected the facts about my consumption habits.  Before about a year ago, I ate very healthy even when I cooked for myself (never eating much processed foods). Lately, I've been eating fast food and I've been drinking juice (healthy and not-so-healthy drinks) and soda.

About a week and a half ago I had to go to the doctor for pains I was having all over my body.  Not to mention I wasn't feeling all that happy about life at all. My doctor prescribed me about the pains, saying how i need to drink more water and consume more fiber.  

Since, i have been eating slightly better. But what really changed was my consumption of WATER. I drink it almost every day, if I'm not sleep (lol). And guess what, even with out using specialty products for my face and body, my face is clearing up. I am also feeling better about my outlook on life and other things.  I will continue to drink at least the standard of 8 glasses (64 fluid ounces, 168 ml, 1.89 liters) of water per day. 

I consume tap water. Though i did have a phase where I was only using bottled water, which is ridiculous. Many bottling companies use tap water. and the Bottles water industry is a scam for those in the U.S. Bottled water for New Yorkers, especially, is not safer, cheeper, nor taster than our tap water. If you don't believe me check out EWG

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