Monday, July 4, 2011

Todays Beauty Emergency

How upset was I that I emptied out my purse to lighten the load before i headed to work. I like that i didn't have much to carry but was shocked when i started to get chapped lips and noticed i forgot to replace my lipgloss or chap-stick.

I decided to take an early break after an hour and a half of licking thy lips and mirror checks. at 11 on the dot i rushed to sephora to purchase a purple glossy lip gloss for $10 dollars. The price didn't bother me at the time but i wish it was less, considering the fact that i predict myself losing, yet, another sephora lipgloss and having the same emergency.

However, I was grateful that the gloss lasted for the rest of my shift. This led me to wonder why I paid for the gloss at all. I should have used a sample gloss and applied it. Silly me.

Lesson: never forget your gloss & in an emergency go to sephora and use a sample!!

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