Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2012 Cracked Polish & Review

I know all the beauty junkies was amazed when they first heard about the new crack nail polish because I was.

applying the base
When I first saw the polish in the stores I was reluctant to get it. After searching for pictures and viewing the outcome, I decided I might as well try it out.

A week or so ago asked my cousin to purchase it in purple for me and this is what i got out of it:

ready to add the cracked polish

If you notice some nails look okay and others look horrible. This was my first time trying it and I believe I got a cheap brand.
I tried many designs on one hand and on the other i picked the design i liked the most. While applying I used the nail polish differently on some fingers. For example, I used one coat lightly with the base colors, i doubled coated the base colors, i quickly applied the cracked nail polish, or i coated the purple cracked nail polish many times.

The nail polish didn't chip until 2 days after, which was a plus. How ever, i didn't like how the cracked nail polish showed over the dark navy blue color. It seemed to show well on the white & light turquoise blue, only after coating the base polish more than once.

I will try this type of nail polish and application again, but I wont use or recommend this brand unless you are on a budget. It was bought for $1.99. I will also try it with solely one base color.

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