Friday, April 1, 2011

Words of Self: Eat right for a better life

I know many of us are accustomed to fast food restaurants, processed foods, and frozen dishes BUT these are many of most of the bad foods we eat.

Unhealthy foods (with excess sugar, with sat. & trans. fat, with harsh and unnatural chemicals) not only contribute to physical harm, such as excess weight, clogged arteries, and disease, but emotional as well. "Bad" foods cause bad and sad moods. Studies have shown that healthy eating will heal mood swings in women and depression in all.

Also, don't starve yourself. eat at LEAST three times a day. this helps provide energy you need throughout the day and allows your metabolism to work constantly. Only eating one to two times a day may actually cause you to gain weight because your body doesn't have the energy to burn fat and doesn't want you to dehydrate or starve. And remember, you can eat almost anything you want, just consume in proportions.

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