Saturday, April 9, 2011

International Makeup-Artist Trade Show 2011

Although i was planning on go to the IMATS Makeup Trade Show since three months ago, I still managed to be very much excited this morning as if I had just herd I was going. My mother picked me up around 8 am and we headed to the show, which began letting people in at 8, where workshops started at 10.

The lines were semi long, but moved very quickly. While waiting I immediately chose the workshops and booths i wanted to visit, but things don't always go as planned. When we entered we saw a bunch of hollywood makeup. For example, live-like dead people, cone heads, aliens to Eddie Murphy. Next to the mini museum we watched as the makeup artist prepared their models, who roamed the building, for the student competition.
 The Instead of going to the first workshop, we shopped for some new colored CICI Fashion brushes, and most lines were crazy!!! It was hectic because this was the first booth you come to, we had no idea what else we were going to to see.
A spray painter and artist caught our eye. Two models, simultaneously, became works of art by the two. There was a line next to the Wolfe Face Art & FX cosmetics, to get work done, and we made sure to place ourselves  at the end of it. While we waited my mother got some eye serums from GrandeLASH-md. Finally after 40 minutes she got a elegant face design and then I got decorative cheetah prints on my hand.
We took picks, and entered a room of masterpiece. There were several more makeup booths, including a seminar on horror like makeup that i chose to ignore. Glittery colors caught my eye, canadian Lit Cosmetics glitters (shown later) to be exact. so I touched up my mom with some samples and headed to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics cosmetics. And boy, did I get a treat. I saw the Queen of Blending. I used to watch her vids daily before i got into my natural hair phase. She let me take a pic and when gave me a hug. I was joyous. We got some OCC vegan lacquer and some glitter.

The rest was much of a blur. We went around the crowded room inching. I tried to view some other stuff but could hardly see it because of the bunch of people. I viewed naked cosmetics and stilla and temptu. I tired to get some Inglot (of Japan) pallets, but that was the worse spot to be. But after i passed that crowd i got, yet, another surprise. Julieg, another great MUA of YouTube, was there. She seemed a lil busy so I made sure to snap a picture as she waved hello.
After that we watched the OCC Skin airbrushing workshop, which we chose out of the many other workshops there, given by the creator. He was funny and very informational. I went bare faced just to get my foundation done, but when he asked for a volunteer I guess I was a second to late. I would have loved it. He explained the ingredients and how he wasn't interested in tactical advertising, only the truth of his products. Not only did he speak of the products he offered her spoke of others. He explained the pros and cons, and I loved that he said not to give up on other makeup techniques, but to see the airbrushing as an option. He was great.
To finish off the show we went back to the natural, alcohol and paraben free Canadian makeup booth, Lit and got more work done. My mom transformed her elegant eye into a funky eye and I got a dual-glitter line on my eyes. We left with some makeup and solution.

Here are more of the other companies that were there

Show will also be tomorrow, Sunday.

Sorry if photos are unclear, more will be shown soon.

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